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Classes in the Titanic

Those who were able to afford the most expensive tickets on the most magnificent and “unsinkable” Titanic were some of the richest people in the world. First class tickets aboard the Titanic would usually cost an average of $70,000 in today's money. The Titanic was able to hold up to 735 passengers in the First Class. Most of the passengers aboard the Titanic had an entourage such as: a nurse for the children, a maid, a chef, etc. The RMS Titanic had a lot to offer to its first class passengers which includes a Parisian Café, A La Carte Restaurant, tea gardens, reception room, verandah café, heated swimming pool, and many more. The First Class passengers of the Titanic experienced the most luxury than the rest of the classes.

Although the First Class was extravagant, you did not need to pay a lot of money to get everything you need. The ticket prices seemed rather fair for Second Class tickets to be 50% more than the most expensive third-class ticket. For a Second Class ticket an adult can buy a single ticket for an average of $1,000 in today's money. Despite the fact that some people barely have enough money to get the First Class tickets, Second Class tickets can have an additional cost and a passenger can receive suites such as the private veranda suites on B-Deck that costs seventy-two times more than a Second Class ticket. Second Class passengers had access to rooms that they mostly wanted. Men had their private smoking rooms, and children had reading. The accommodations between the First and Second Class were more or less identical. The Second Class was the smallest passenger class on the Titanic that can only house 564 passengers including the ship’s band. The cabins in Second Class had bunk beds unless someone rents a single person cabin. Second class passengers had long tables set up for their meals. Their meals weren’t that far from the First Class meals because both classes were given three full courses a day.

Third Class was simple compared to First and Second class. The meals on the Third Class only served one course. The toilets in the Third Class were automatic. This was caused by the unfamiliarity of some Third Class passengers to indoor plumbing. A Third Class ticket ranged from seven to forty pounds, which would be approximately $700 today. Third Class wasn’t usually filled with people who were trying to seek luxury; they were the immigrants who were traveling to the United States and Canada to work for a better life.